Published Studies

Here is our library of published studies on canines for cancer detection.

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Cancer odor in the blood of ovarian cancer patients – A retrospective study of detection by dogs during treatment, 3 and 6 months afterward

Canine scent detection of human cancers – A review of methods and accuracy – 2010 Journal of Veterinary Behavior Clinical Applications and Research

Colorectal cancer screening with odour material by canine scent detection

Detection of Bacteriuria by Canine Olfaction

Detection of Prostate Cancer in Urine by Dogs

Detection of Prostate Cancer by an Electronic Nose A Proof of Principle Study – 2014 The Journal of Urology

Diagnostic Accuracy of Canine Scent Detection in Early and Late Stage Lung and Breast Cancers

Dogs Sniffing Urine – A Future Diagnostic Tool or a Way to Identify New Prostate Cancer Markers

Ehman 2011 – ERJ Lung cancer canine scent detection

Mimicking Nature’s Noses – From Receptor Deorphaning to Olfactory Bio-Sensing

Olfactory Detection of Prostate Cancer by Dogs Sniffing Urine- A Step Forward in Early Diagnosis

Olfactory System of Highly Trained Dogs Detects Prostate Cancer in Urine Samples

Sonada, 2011 – Gut Colon Cancer Dogs Detecting

Szulejko, 2010 – IEEE Sensors, Exhaled Breath Cancer Biomarkers Systematic Review

The possibility of inventing new technologies in the detection of cancer by applying elements of the canine olfactory apparatus

The Use of Canines in the Detection of Human Cancers

Willis, 2004 – Bladder Cancer Dog